Other Initiatives

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW)

Did you know the goal of NEDAW is to bring awareness to the causes and severity of eating disorders and how to prevent these disorders? NEDAW occurs every year, during the last week of February. Want to get involved? Contact Health Promotion (850) 644-8871.

Love Your Body Day

Between 50 - 80% of college males and females struggle with body dissatisfaction. This can lead to eating disorders, depression, obesity, and other mental and physical health problems. Love Your Body Day is an event where women and men come together to celebrate self-acceptance and promote positive body image. These events are offered each year through the Health Promotion Department and other partners on campus. Call 644-8871 for more information.

Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar Tally is a program designed to work with local vendors to identify potential situations of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking; build bystander intervention skills, and learn how bar staff can contribute to eliminating violence in our community. This program provides an opportunity for staff to talk with each other about what behaviors they currently witness and learn solutions from their peers. Raise the Bar Tally is an opportunity for local vendors to support campus and community initiatives to end power-based personal violence in Tallahassee.

For more information or to request a training please contact CHAW. 

  • Email:CHAW
  • By Phone at 850-644-8871
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