Meet the Staff

Photo of Rose Rezaei

Rose Rezaei

As Director, Rose provides leadership and strategic planning for campus wellness initiatives including alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, sexual health, power-based personal violence prevention, nutrition and body image, bystander intervention, and general wellbeing. Rose was instrumental in the development of the campus-wide kNOw MORE power-based violence prevention initiative which highlights education and the continuum of care for students, faculty, and staff. Creating spaces where students feel empowered to take ownership of their lives through education and skill building serves as the foundation of her work. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs at Florida State. Outside of FSU, she enjoys  attending community events, thrift shopping and traveling.

Photo of Janell Buchkoski

Janell Buchkoski

Janell is a Registered Dietitian in the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness. Her main responsibilities include providing nutrition consultations, group presentations, overseeing the nutrition internship program, and is part of the Eating Disorder Treatment Team. Janell is an advocate for the Health at Every Size approach to provide students the Intuitive Eating skills needed to obtain a healthy relationship with food, specific to their health and wellness goals. Janell graduated from Washington State University with a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. In her spare time, Janell enjoys the beach, traveling, trying new restaurants, and hiking with her family and dog, Pete.

Photo of Jose Carval

Jose Carval

Jose is a Prevention Coordinator with a specialty on Power Based Personal Violence Prevention. His main responsibilities include coordinating campus-wide prevention education on Relationship/Dating Violence, Sexual Violence, and Stalking. He also advises the kNOw MORE Advisory Board. He received his Bachelor's in International Affairs from Florida State University and plans to soon begin working on his Master's in Higher Education. In his spare time Jose enjoys music, sports, bad puns and spending quality time with his dogs Jeter and Abbey.

Photo of Eric Gipson

Eric Gipson

Eric is the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for the Center for Health Advocacy & Wellness. His responsibilities include the coordination and facilitation of "Smart Choices", an alcohol/drug harm reduction program. Eric received his BS in Healthcare Administration from Florida A&M University and his MA in International Affairs/Asian Studies from Florida State University. Whenever possible, he enjoys travel, music, art and continues to be fascinated by world history, cultures and languages.

Photo of Nell Robinson

Nell Robinson

Nell is the Green Dot Coordinator for the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness. Her main responsibilities include coordinating the implementation of the Green Dot Bystander Intervention program, educating students on bystander intervention, and collaborating with campus stakeholders. Nell received her Bachelor’s in Sociology from Florida State University and is currently completing her Masters of Social Work. In her free time, she enjoys cake decorating, watching scary movies, and trying to find the perfect cup of boiled peanuts.

Photo of Darneshia Williams

Darneshia Williams

Darneshia is the Wellness Coordinator in the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness. Her responsibilities include educating students on all aspects of health and wellness, health education outreach and helps to improve students overall well-being and academic performance through wellness coaching. Darneshia also advises Healthy Noles who are trained Peer Health Educators who make a positive impact on campus health and wellness through events, presentations, and discussions with peers. Darneshia is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a graduate from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Health. In her spare time, Darneshia enjoys traveling with her twin sister, shopping, and food.

Graduate Staff

Lexi Aruj

Lexi started with CHAW in fall 2019. She is a CHAW Assistant helping with special projects in nutrition. She is from Coconut Creek, Florida and is a graduate student studying Clinical Nutrition. She has a passion for art and especially enjoys taking photographs and drawing.

Arizona Chin

Arizona has been with CHAW since fall 2019. She is a SMART Choices facilitator and Wellness Coach. She is from Melbourne, Australia and is a graduate student in the Combined Ph. D. Counselling and School Psychology program. She loves baking, eating and outdoor activities like golf and hiking.

Marina Gibson

Marina started with CHAW in fall 2019. She is a graduate assistant working on CHAW’s college recovery initiative. She is from Panama City, Florida and is a graduate student studying Public Health. Marina loves to travel and enjoys outdoor activities.

Brett Hanna

Brett started at CHAW in fall 2019 as a Dietetic Intern working on the Body Project and as a Nutrition Coach. He is from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and is a graduate student studying Sports Nutrition. He completed his undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition/ Dietetics. He is a member of the research team at the Institute of Sports Sciences and Medicine and is a cast member of FSU Flying High circus.

Becan Hennighan

Becan started with CHAW in fall 2019. She is the Power Based Violence Prevention Graduate Assistant. She is originally from Saint Cloud, Florida and is a first year graduate student studying school psychology. She loves many things including music, sports, animals, and reading.

James Howell

James has been with the CHAW since summer 2019, and serves as a Wellness Coach and SMART Choices facilitator. James received his B.A. in Youth and Family Ministry from Abilene Christian University in addition to his M.S. in Counseling and Mental Health Services and M.Phil. in Professional Counseling and Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. James is currently a Ph.D. student in the Combined Counseling and School Psychology program here at FSU. In his spare time James enjoys hiking, running, and eating Mexican food.

Cara Knoeppel

Cara is a Wellness Coach and SMART Choices Instructor at CHAW. She has been with CHAW since spring 2019. She enjoys being able to work with students in this role to support them in achieving their personal wellness goals. Cara is also a doctoral student in FSU's Combined Counseling Psychology and School Psychology program. Her favorite wellness activities include music, traveling, and dance.

Claudia Lopez

Claudia started at CHAW in the fall of 2019. She is the graduate assistant for the Green Dot Program. She’s from Lake Wales, FL, and is currently a graduate student in the School Psychology M.S./Ed.S program. She is a first generation American.

Antonio Ruiz Ezquerro

Antonio has been with CHAW since fall 2018. He is the Wellness Graduate Assistant and Advisor for The Healthy Noles, Peer Health Educators. He currently is a second-year master's student in the Higher Education Administration program. Antonio is from Mexico City, Mexico. He loves traveling, rock-climbing, and spending time with his dog, Sully.

Chelsea McCampbell

Chelsea has been a nutrition coach at CHAW since summer 2019. She started at CHAW as a dietetic intern and is a graduate student studying Food and Nutrition Science. She loves the beach and being outdoors.

Stephan Mitchell

Stephan started with CHAW in fall 2019. He is a graduate student studying School Psychology at Florida State University. His research interests include trauma, substance abuse, aggression, social pressure and resilience. He is currently a Smart Choices Facilitator working primarily with alcohol and other drugs. He relocated to Tallahassee from New York City and enjoys the outdoors.

Sara Sigel

Sara started with CHAW in the summer of 2019. She is a public health intern whose work is centered on prevention efforts for FSU students. She is from Miami, Florida and is a graduate student studying Public Health. She loves dancing, nature, and playing with her dog, Puff.

Reana Weaver

Reana has been a Nutrition Coach at CHAW since fall 2019. She is from Los Angeles, California, where she studied dietetics. She is currently a graduate student studying exercise physiology with an emphasis in sports nutrition. She loves rock climbing and going on adventures outdoors.

Mia Young

Mia is pursuing Registered Dietitian Nutritionist credentials as a Sports Nutrition Masters Student in the Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Science Program at Florida State University’s College of Human Science. She is currently one of the Nutrition Coaches at CHAW focusing specifically on performance fueling. When she’s not helping others achieve their best self through food and nutrition, she enjoys running and playing with her locally adopted boxer/beagle pup, Noah.

Undergraduate Staff

Brian Julot

Brian has been with CHAW since the fall 2019. He is a CHAW Assistant helping with special projects in Tobacco and Substance Abuse Prevention. He is from Miami, Florida, and studying Psychology with a goal of reaching med school. He has written poetry since he was thirteen, and has written at least a hundred poems since. 

Steve Lemerand

Steve started with CHAW in fall 2019 as an undergraduate intern focusing on healthy masculinity research. He is a senior from Chesapeake City, Maryland studying Family and Child Sciences and he is a member of the FSU Coed-Cheerleading team. 

Caroline Martins

Caroline has been with CHAW since fall 2019 as a CHAW assistant helping with special projects in Sexual Health. She is from Pompano Beach, Florida and is studying International Affairs. She is Brazilian and speaks three languages. 

Tyler Saavedra

Tyler has been with CHAW since 2018 as a CHAW Assistant. In fall 2019 she shifted roles to HIV testing and counseling. She is from West Palm Beach, Florida and is a senior studying Clinical Professions. She loves to dance and travel! 

Trinity Slater

Trinity is a senior, majoring in Family and Child Sciences. She is a Tallahassee native and will be graduating Fall 2019. Trinity started with CHAW during Spring 2018 as a member of Healthy Noles and has been employed with CHAW since January 2019. Currently, Trinity works in CHAW as an HIV Tester and Sexual Health Educator. In Trinity’s free time she enjoys spending time with her loved ones and trying new food places. 

Marjorie Villalba

Marjorie started working at CHAW in the fall 2019 as a CHAW assistant helping with special projects in Wellness. She is Brazilian and from Miami, Florida. She is a sophomore majoring in Biology at FSU. Marjorie loves karaoke but even if she thinks she can’t sing. 

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