The Body Project

Do you want to improve your body image and self-confidence? If so, the Body Project at FSU is the ideal program to do just that!

The Body Project is a body image program for FSU students with body dissatisfaction, an established risk factor for eating disorders. This group-based intervention provides a forum for young women and men who have internalized the thin-ideal or muscular ideal to critique it in verbal, written, and behavioral exercises. It appears to be the first eating disorder prevention program that has received support when delivered by research-trained staff, real-world providers, and even undergraduate peer leaders.

Participants in the Body Project will complete 2 sessions, 2 hours each.

In each session students will:

  • Critique media messages about the thin and muscular body ideals
  • Discuss ways to advocate for a culture of body acceptance for all genders

If you have questions, comments, or want to learn more, please contact the Center for Health Advocacy & Wellness at (850) 644-6230 or e-mail

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What are Students Saying?

"Going through the body project has really made me appreciate all the great qualities I possess and it has also given me more confidence in how I view my body in its entirety. After completing this project, I feel more empowered to speak out against this social construction of beauty. By becoming a peer leader for the body project, I hope I can encourage other students to love their bodies and appreciate their uniqueness."

JM, FSU MS '15

"My experience with the Body Project has been so enlightening! My friends and I would always jokingly voice our desire to have a celebrity body. I did not realize how much these comments took a toll on my body satisfaction until I participated in the Body Project. After participating in the program I realized how silly it was for me to achieve this unrealistic beauty ideal. I have a newfound confidence all thanks to the Body Project!"

JD, FSU BA '16
Interested in Becoming a Body Project Facilitator?
If you'd like to more about the Body Project or if you're interested in becoming a Body Project Facilitator, please contact or the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness at (850) 644-6230.