The EVERYBody Project

Do you struggle with feelings of body dissatisfaction?

Do you want to participate in an intimate group program designed to help you improve your body image?

If so, the FSU EVERYBody Project is just for you! The FSU EVERYBody Project is a peer-led program where you can join a small (6-10 students) group of students to discuss all things body image. Discussions will center around the critical examination of commonly accepted appearance ideals perpetuated by the media and ways to resist the pressure to look a certain way, both individually and collectively. The psychological benefits of this evidence-based intervention include reductions in the following:

  • thin-ideal internalization
  • negative mood
  • unhealthy dieting
  • body dissatisfactions
  • eating disorder symptoms

The program requires you to attend 2 two-hour sessions, one week apart. Sessions are led by trained student facilitators and one CHAW staff member. In order to get the most out of the program you MUST be able to attend both sessions for the entire time. As the name suggests, this program is intended for students from all walks of life and all backgrounds. All genders are welcome. All currently enrolled FSU students are eligible to participate.

To register for upcoming sessions, please use the link below. You will receive a confirmation email after registration which includes date, time, and location information.

Register for The EVERYBody Project

Please note that in order to be a student facilitator for the EVERYBody Project you will need to complete the program as a participant first. If you are interested in being a facilitator for the program, please fill out the EVERYBody Project Facilitator Interest Form once you have completed both sessions as a participant. We typically host facilitator training during spring and fall semesters.

Register to be an EVERYBody Project Student Facilitator