Eating Out

Three Simple Steps to Follow When Eating Out:
1. Preparation
  • Do Not Restrict throughout the day — Calorie restriction will only cause you to actually eat more at dinner and also make unhealthier choices that you may not have made otherwise.
  • Have a snack before — a snack of a carbohydrate with some protein prior will help prevent over-ordering/eating.
2. Ordering
  • Be deliberate — Try to get a whole, balanced meal if possible
    • Choose items that include protein, fats, grains & vegetables.  
  • Portion Control — Ask for the server to bring a take-out container when they bring your meal- Restaurant portions are often 25-50% more than a normal portion, so put 1/2 in the container before you even start eating.
  • Intuitive eating is about listening to your hunger & satiety cues — do not overeat just to finish a meal
3. Eating
  • Eat Slowly — it takes some time for your body to signal its full — give it time so you don't overeat without even realizing it
  • Mindful eating is about enjoying the taste, flavor, sensation of your food — slow down and enjoy the experience and atmosphere involved with eating out. By truly enjoying the entire experience you will feel more satisfied overall!

Eating Out on Campus