Alternatives to Alcohol

Don’t want to drink? Check out all of the awesome activities at FSU and in the Tallahassee community that don’t involve alcohol:

There is a misconception for students that there is nothing else to do in Tallahassee besides going out and drinking. Below are some fun and interactive options for you to utilize. Click on the various topic areas below to explore what Tallahassee has to offer!


Whether you are a participant or spectator, sports are always awesome!

Enjoy the Outdoors  

Tallahassee and the surrounding areas are blessed with an abundance of parks. Explore the beauty that North Florida has to offer and discover the nature lover in yourself.

Make it a Movie Night  

Who doesn't love going to see a good movie on the big screen? Tallahassee offers a wide array of movie theaters for all tastes and budgets.


The Tallahassee area is rich in museums and historical sites. Explore the rich heritage of North Florida as well as southern history. Some special exhibits may cost more than $15.


There many different Festivals and Special Events in the Big Bend Area.