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Bystander Intervention

Green Dot is a bystander intervention initiative that recognizes that most people care about the high prevalence of power-based personal violence but don't have the tools to know how to be part of the solution. Green Dot seeks to change the culture by activating people that have been on the sidelines thus making power-based personal violence prevention a responsibility of everyone. The program uses the concept of Green Dots (actions taken to eliminate/prevent Red Dots) versus Red Dots (potential/real acts of violence). Actions can be reactive-responding to a Red Dot in the moment, or proactive- preemptively demonstrating a Green Dot.

Reactive Green Dots

Direct: Do something that lets the people involved know that you see what is happening; this can be as simple as a check-in.

  1. Hey are you okay?
  2. Are you sure this is what you want to do?
  3. Are you feeling supported in your relationship?

Delegate: If you are unable to do something directly in the situation, think of ways that you can engage help from others.

  1. Ask a your friend or friends of the individual involved to intervene
  2. Ask a bouncer/police officer/front desk staff person to intervene
  3. Tell someone anonymously that you think that a person needs help

Distract: If you are unable to acknowledge the situation directly, try to think of a distraction that will diffuse the situation or calm things down in the moment.

  1. Start a conversation with those involved that is unrelated
  2. Spill a drink or cause a disturbance that interrupts the behavior
  3. Pretend like you need assistance from one of the individuals involved

Proactive Green Dots

Proactive Green Dots are things we can do to begin stopping red dots before they even start. They are the words we say, actions we take, and messages we send, that let people know that we do not tolerate violence on our campus and that everyone has a role to play. We all have the power to change our campus culture!

  1. An email signature asking "What's your Green Dot?"
  2. Assigning/writing a paper in class on this topic
  3. Putting up a slide before class starts about bystander intervention
  4. Making a post on social media

Will you use the 3 D's and be a part of the solution?

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