What are relationships

What are the key components
  1. Communication: Talking honestly and respectfully about all partners' likes, dislikes, wishes, hopes, dreams, etc.
  2. Compromise: Partners must have the willingness to compromise because of their commitment to the relationship. Compromise means working together to find an outcome that all partners can be comfortable with.
  3. Acceptance: Accepting who your partner is, not who you would like them to be.
  4. Commitment: Commitment is not synonymous with monogamous fidelity; it can mean a commitment to the agreements partners decide are fundamental to their way of being together. The decision to be in a relationship must come from all partners.
  5. Agreement: Agreeing on the fundamental rules of the relationship from the beginning is very important. The decision about what kind of relationship configuration to enter into must be mutually agreed upon by all parties.

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